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The new school year has started for most of us and we understand the stress that comes with this first week.

We recognise that being a teacher comes with a lot of responsibility and for those who have just begun their career, you may feel a lot of pressure. Sometimes, your work may be overwhelming and it can be difficult to manage your stress.

Here is some of our advice to help you control the feeling of stress:

1. Assess Your Stress Level

When stress overwhelms you, the first step is to assess the problem, observe your body’s reaction, and recognise your feelings. Determine if the source of your stress derives from something at work or external factors. If it is a problem caused at work, evaluate if it is minor or if it is a major issue that needs to be resolved.

Regardless of how stressful it might be, identifying the problem and its depth helps put things in perspective.

2. Schedule Time to Respond to Your Stress

Take control of your situation by scheduling time in your routine to problem-solve ways to reduce your stress.

For example, if advancements in technology are causing you stress, then set aside time in your schedule to educate yourself on the software or tools. Prioritising this time and practising problem-solving techniques to manage your stress can help build your confidence.

3. Establish Realistic Goals

As an educator, your days are composed of to-do lists. Sometimes these agendas create worry if a task is not accomplished on time or if it is never completed.

To gain control and overcome these fears, establish realistic goals that you can accomplish with a realistic deadline. Feel empowered to alter your lists based on other events that occur outside of your control.

4. Focus on What You Can Control

Making lists of what you can and cannot control creates a sense of balance and brings peace. For example, you may not know if your contract will be renewed next year.

As opposed to worrying yourself sick about uncertainties, be proactive and think positively. Engage in stress-reduction strategies, like meditation and breathing. Recognise your strengths as an instructor and as an individual.

5. Contact Your Colleagues for Advice

Your colleagues may be encountering similar work-related stresses and have advice on how to manage stress or how you can support one another.

Well done to all the teachers who have started their amazing career and those who have just returned to teaching!