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It's #GladToCare Awareness Week, a celebration of those who work in the care sector following an incredibly trying period over the past couple of years. Formed in 2018, Glad To Care aims to boost the profile of carers, who work extremely hard with very little public recognition. The campaign’s aim was to show carers that they are appreciated and to raise their morale.

Did you know? There are almost 7 million carers in the UK alone, that's almost 1 in 8 people providing amazing support for those who need it most. This week it is important to show all carers around you appreciation for all the hard work they do and the extraordinary contributions they do for society.

Carers are a key part of our society, they are patient, positive and determined to take care of somebody that needs it. They put people with disabilities, elders or anyone that needs support ahead of themselves and ensure they are able to live their lives to the fullest. Although it is an extremely fulfilling job, every day is different and each type of care comes with its own challenges. Come together this week and acknowledge the time and effort carers give to us.

This week GladToCare is giving everyone an opportunity to get involved by hosting activities everyday of the week on social media. This includes: Motivation Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Welcome Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Feel Good Friday. For more information, please visit: https://gladtocare.com/activities/.

If you're interested in working in care but aren't sure where to start, why not call us today on 0151 924 2073 to see how we could help.