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What Is A Support Worker And What Do They Do?

There are a variety of opportunities as a support worker, which may range from health, social and educational care and it is a job role where you may not need any formal qualifications.

There is no doubt that this career can be challenging, but along with learning new skills, your work will feel extremely rewarding, no matter how big or small the difference you make is because of the emotional connections you make in your day to day life.

Social care is a growing job sector, providing you with a lot of opportunity to grow and progress in your career. Many find it a gratifying role, you form a deep relationship with families and people, in which there is mutual trust for them to rely on you throughout troubled times or when they need you most.

There are a lot of responsibilities you will have once you start, however, this will differ within the establishments you work in. You will mainly be in charge of giving emotional, personal, physical and social support to anyone that is in need. Assisting with day to day chores and keeping track of any health and mental issues will be one of your duties.

Whilst you provide daily support, your personal skills will be significant in helping families and children. The high responsibility can sometimes be pressuring, especially when supporting those with emotional needs, but it is important to remain calm and patient to understand the situation they are going through. Your positivity will be a key element as an optimistic mindset can spread and allow them to reach their goals and promote independence.

Are you looking for a new career where you can build connections and provide incredible support for those who need it most? Support work is for you. Caring Services can provide you with the right training to prepare you for your new job. We make sure we get to know you and get a full idea of the work you are looking for and will match you to the job you want. We provide support to enable people with Learning Disabilities and additional needs to live as independently as possible by providing person centred support to all our clients. Register your details here