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Firstly, if you have just qualified, congratulations!

In this industry, it is important you are aware of various things as you enter the world of work and start in a new job. Teaching can be an extremely rewarding career with a lot to give. You can progress continuously as you gain more experience.

Here are our top tips for Newly Qualified Teachers:

1. Be confident & empower yourself 

You have done the training and you have passed so remember you are there for a reason! You have entered a profession where you can make an impact and change lives. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. There are a lot of opportunities in this field and the more assured you are in yourself the further you will go.

2. Be passionate

Your enthusiasm for your specific subject or teaching in general will rub off onto your students. They will respect you more and learn more from you if they can see you are enjoying yourself and that you are clearly excited about what you are teaching!

Your positivity will be spread around the school!

3. Get to know your school & your students

Get involved in activities you are interested in. Whether you like sports, music or traveling, inspire your students and others at the school and create a good reputation for yourself right from the beginning!

If you find yourself struggling on certain days, especially in the beginning, the staff room is an important aspect of your work. You can go to colleagues for support and advice as they are your network of engaged people who will understand what you are going through as they have probably been there before! The more people you make an effort with, the more you will appreciate going into work every day.

Your students will be a big part of your life. The more effort you put into getting to know them the more you will appreciate the time you spend with them.

Remember what your role is, it is to teach and inspire young children!

4. Be concise with marking

Marking can take time and be very stressful. Make sure you keep your feedback as focused as possible and allow your students to easily understand and take it into account. There is no need for you to go into a lot of detail, especially if your students are very young. What you can include are points such as:

  • Where they did well
  • This can be improved by…

5. Accept that you will make mistakes & don’t be afraid to ask for help

Making mistakes is a part of the process and it will help you gain experience. From these situations, it is important you take into account where you went wrong and learn from it. Once mistakes are made, revisit your theories and strategies and ask for guidance if you are unsure how to fix it. All of this will shape the way you are as a teacher and teach you what learning style you will feel comfortable doing in the future.

You will come across situations you have never been in before, remember you are new, it is okay to ask for help!

6. Teaching won’t always go the way you expect it to - be flexible!

Although a majority of the parts, depending on the type of subject and year you teach, will remain the same such as the curriculum and what you are teaching, there are parts where you will have to be innovative in how you handle situations. There will be plenty of times where you will have to be creative in your ways of teaching and dealing with specific students.

You should feel comfortable teaching your way, no way is the right way. Not everything will always go to plan!

7. Strike a balance

Accept that it is okay to say no. You are new and some colleagues may ask you for certain extra commitments or assist in other aspects of the school, you don’t always have to do it. It is better to do less and do it well than try and take on more than you can handle. As you begin your career, always remember to maintain a work-life balance and keep your personal life. Just because you are now working, this doesn’t mean you have to give your life up. Small things such as a good night's sleep, seeing friends and spending time with family will allow you to perform better at work. Your school will understand that you are just starting your career and learning!

8. Lastly, enjoy yourself!

Like any other career, you won’t find satisfaction if you don’t have fun. Although it will initially be daunting as your job comes with high responsibility, you will face situations that will be difficult but it is all part of the fun.

The pressure you feel is normal, this doesn’t mean you can’t love what you do!

Caring Services have spent over 20 years forging links with schools all around the Liverpool and Merseyside area. We work with primary, secondary and special schools to bring to you all the latest school and education jobs.

If you are a NQT looking for a job in Liverpool, Knowsley, Southport, Wirral or across Merseyside please get in touch with Caring Services.

You deserve to be exactly where you are now, good luck with your career!