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Blog | Caring Services Agency

How Can I Get A Job Without A Lot Of Experience?

Leaving student life and entering the “real world” of work can be terrifying, especially when you don’t know where to start. This is why we have put together some advice to help you write your first graduate teaching CV!

Going into the education sector offers many opportunities, in which you will gain knowledge about the role as well as experience. An important aspect of entering this profession is the ability to develop a variety of transferable skills including organisation, communication and teamwork.

So how do you begin?

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Candidate Guest Blog - Jessica Taggart

Hiya my name is Jessica and I have been working for Caring Services since November 2021. I'm a student in Liverpool, so the flexible hours are perfect to help me with experience for my studies and aid funds for student life. Read more about my experience here.

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How to Become a SEN Teaching Assistant

Special educational needs (SEN) teaching assistants support teachers to help children with special educational needs and disabilities. An SEN school provides pupils with specialist support that mainstream schools are unable to provide – such as facilities, resources, therapy and curriculum access. SEN TAs working in mainstream schools provide this support within the classroom, including time spent in a dedicated learning area.

Thinking of becoming an SEN teaching assistant? Here are our top guidance tips:

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