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Blog | Caring Services Agency

What Qualities Do You Need To Become A Support Worker?

Of course, qualifications, degrees and experience are key requirements to become a support worker, however, your personal qualities are still very important in this job sector! A job as a support worker can be very rewarding and you need specific traits to overcome the challenges that come along with it.

Working people that have physical and mental disabilities can be demanding as they are some of the most vulnerable people you will meet, it is your responsibility to enhance their quality of life by providing emotional and physical support.

Here are some qualities you should have when looking for support worker roles.

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What Is A SEN Teacher? How Do I Become A SEN Teacher?

When working in this job sector, it is important to understand what they do exactly and what qualifications you need as SEN students require specialist help. SEN teachers provide special support for students with behavioural, emotional, physical, mental or learning disabilities at mainstream and SEN schools. Some children you work with may have autism, dyslexia, sensory impairment, speech/language difficulties, and you may work with talented and gifted children.

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Candidate Guest Blog - Megan Bailey

Hi! My name is Meg and I've been working for Caring Services since June 2021. I moved from the West Midlands last year and was searching for a job before I moved. This is when I found Caring services. Read more about my experience here. 

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